CO2 Extraction Technology

Effectiveness, safety and dosage are critical issues that require high purity rates in the ingredients of the pharmaceutical industry. CO2 extraction is a competitive, sustainable and innovative solution for a wide range of active ingredients (API) from medicinal herbs and other natural sources.

Supercritical CO2 ensures high efficiency in extraction yield, helping to control the API quantity and the excipient required for a certain dose.

Health and nutrition are two important levers of growth in the food and related industries. Consumers demand healthy, nutritious and natural products and manufacturers of nutraceuticals, food supplements and food products in general need to provide safe and affordable solutions.

CO2 extraction is a cost-effective and natural alternative in order to obtain high-quality ingredients and also to remove undesirable impurities.

Solvent-free oils with healthy properties to be applied to functional cosmetics as well as natural extracts for the development of fragrances and creams are more and more demanded by the cosmetic industry.

Extraction with CO2 at high pressure is as a very interesting industrial process to obtain them.

Natural and environmentally sustainable

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CO2 increase the value
of products

CO2 is a completely harmless gas fluid that under certain conditions of pressure and temperature gets supercritical or subcritical state and has unique features to be used in extraction processes.

When operating conditions exceed the critical point, CO2 becomes a powerful solvent for separating substances in an effective, fast and completely clean way without generating any waste. This separation of active ingredients takes place at very mild temperatures that preserve the nutrients intact and the organoleptic quality of the product.

Our high pressure CO2 industrial plant it’s a versatile and multi-product facility, specialized in starting toll manufacturing productions, with the objective of providing access to advanced extractions, purifications and specific materials treatments to food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.

CO2 extraction at high pressures is more profitable, natural and environmentally sustainable than traditional techniques that employ aggressive solvents and affect the properties of the extracted ingredients, either in further refining stages or due to fact that they achieve lower yields.

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